Tech Research

  1. In every vertical “Technology” is the key factor for industry advancement and economic growth. It presents an enormous but unavoidable challenge for companies trying to keep up with emerging technologies and compete successfully in a global market.

  2. In light of these challenges, the implementation of a technology development strategy is a critical success factor for a company in terms of adoption, diffusion and application.​

  3. Mikal Ventures teams possess a broad knowledge base of these emerging technologies and realize how they fit within the competitive landscapes of the industries we serve. We have the technical understanding to assess trends and create POC’s for relevance and viability.​

  4. Mikal Ventures will build your Technology Research Organization which will advance your company’s “Innovation DNA” and leaves your internal stakeholders with a team foundation which will be transformative

  5. Let Mikal Ventures pilot your project and provide the evidence of success factors required by your internal​.

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